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Linal is a second-generation family business that has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade based on its capabilities to provide customized hardware components for clients in diverse industries worldwide.  DKA’s logo redesign was inspired by the “Penrose triangle” (a shape named for psychologist Lionel Penrose and his mathematician son Roger who described it as “impossibility in its purest form,” it is also featured in depictions of impossible objects by artist M.C. Escher).

Linal’s new website designed by DKA includes strong graphic representation of each customer industry the company serves, as well as the hardware categories and part types offered.  With a robust search function, site visitors can quickly locate and view specific part ideas for their needs from among hundreds of part images and descriptions.   A short video describes Linal’s customization and prototyping capabilities.  An interactive map also quickly provides direct sales representative contact information by geographic territories.

Key Features

Content Management System

Fully Responsive Site

Product Selector